Learn to Play ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ piano and vocal sheet music as sung by Sarah Brightman

Find sheet music for 'Time To Say Goodbye' for piano vocal and guitar chords. This guide will show you where to get quality sheet music, songbooks and scores with guitar tabs and lyrics for 'Time To Say Goodbye' - made popular by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

Andrea Bocelli and Con Te Partiro

Andrea Bocelli first sang 'Con Te Partiro' at the Remo festival in 1995 and it was included on his 'Bocelli' album. 'Con Te Partiro' (Time To Say Goodbye) became Andrea Bocelli's trademark - the song that everybody expects to hear.

When Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli teamed up to sing 'Time To Say Goodbye' sung partly in Italian and partly in English 'Time To Say Goodbye' went on to become even more popular and successful. 'Time To Goodbye' has an amazing universal appeal and hence its classical crossover category.

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Cover Versions Of 'Time To Say Goodbye"

With such a succesful crossover and universally accepted song there are bound to be many recorded cover versions.

They range from Dance versions by Donna Summer 2001.

A Spanish version.

Instrumental version by Neal Schon (solo album 'Voice').

The Loft - Danish pop duo - 2008.

Katherine Jenkins - Welsh Mezzo Soprano (2004 and 2005).

French - Gregory Lemarchal.

New Zealand - Hayley Westenra 2007 from 'The Best Of Hayley Westenra.

Swedish - na Nielsen (English Swedish version).
Time To Say Goodbye at Sporting Events:

It was at a sporting event where ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ had it's first public airing. Time To Say goodbye has been performed at numerous sporting events since its initial success. It has also been performed numerous times on television for example 'Strictly Come Dancing" where it was sung as a duet by Katherine Jenkins and Andreas Bocelli

In The Movies:

Time To Say Goodbye has been used in 'Blades Of Glory, Ronin, Wanted, Step Brothers and Little Nicky.

Incredible success of 'Time To Say Goodbye'

The original Bocelli version was a huge hit in Switzerland France and became the biggest ever selling record in Belgium. East West Records then decided to translate the song - it became to the song we know today as 'Time To Say Goodbye'.

'Time To Say Goodbye was set as the theme song to the light heavy weight championship boxing match where the famous Henry Maske took part. The duet version of 'Time To Say Goodbye was released as Sarah Brightman had also released 'A Question Of Honour' to one of Mask's prevoius fights.

These events were great promotional occasions for the songs. Henry Maske's fight against Virgil Hill (American) had a huge 21 million TV audience. Sarah Brightman and Andreas Bocelli were allowed to perform the song at the start and end of the match. The success of the song was assured.

'Time To Say Goodbye' - Success Across Europe -short facts

France and Switzerland - First Success

Belgium - Best selling song ever.

Germany - heading for the 1 million sales by end of 1996.

United Kingdom - Time To Goodbye went Gold and was in the top 30 for 2 months.

In 1997 the duet version with Sarah Brightman appeared on the album 'Timeless'. This came out in the US 'Time To Say Goodbye'.

Sarah Brightman has also recorded a solo version of 'Time To Say Goodbye'.