Learn to Play ‘Breath Of Heaven’ for piano, vocal + guitar by Amy Grant

Your guide to finding printed sheet music for the peaceful song 'Breath Of Heaven' on piano, guitar and vocal. This guide will show you where to get suitable sheet music, notes, guitar chords, score and lyrics for 'Breath Of Heaven' (Mary's Song) as sung by Amy Grant.

Breath Of Heaven sometimes known as Mary's Song

Breath Of Heaven was first released as a single in 1992 and comes from the very successful 'Home For Christmas' album by Amy Grant. The album was successful for its big symphonic arrangements.

Breath Of Heaven was made popular by the singer Amy Grant and was written by Amy Grant herself and Chris Eaton. The song was produced by Brown Bannister.

Instructions for Downloading and Printing the Digital Sheet Music of 'Breath Of Heaven' - Mary's Song/Christmas Nativity by Amy Grant'

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Amy Grant has become one of the best selling Christian artists. She was very successful in the 1980's in the pop mainstream with her album called 'Heart In Motion'. On 'Heart in Motion' Amy had a number of hit singles the most well known being 'Baby Baby' which went to number one in the charts.

The Nativity as seen through Mary's eyes

Breath of Heaven or Mary's song is about the Nativity seen from Mary's perspective.

Cover Versions of Amy Grant's 'Breath Of Heaven (Mary's Song)

There have been many cover versions of Breath Of Heaven:

Rachael Lampa, Jessica Simpson, Donna Summer, Vince Gill, Chris Eaton, Gladys Knight and Oletta Adams to name a few.

Youtube video of Amy Grant's Nativity and Christmas song 'Breath Of Heaven' - Mary's Song

Lyrics to Breath Of Heaven - also known as Mary's song (Nativity /Christmas) by Amy Grant and Chris Eaton

Chorus only

'Breath Of Heaven, hold Me together
Be forever near me, breath of Heaven
Breath Of Heaven, lighten my darkness
Pour over me Your Holiness for You are holy
Breath Of Heaven'

Amy Grant and Chris Eaton

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