Learn to Play ‘Gravity’ for piano, vocal + guitar by Sara Bareilles

piano sheet gravity sara bareilles
Here you can learn the beautiful and haunting song ‘Gravity’ on piano, guitar or vocal. This is a guide to getting suitable sheet music, notes, guitar chords, score and lyrics for ‘Gravity’ as sung by Sara Barielles.

Emotional Gravity

'Gravity' was made popular by the outstanding vocalist and pianist Sara Bareilles (full name Sara Beth Bareilles). The song 'Gravity' is sung and played with great emotion and is accompanied by a great video. 'Gravity' starts with a beautiful piano accompaniment soon joined by a sympathetic string orchestra.

'Gravity' was written by Sara Bareilles herself and shows off her great talent as a singer and composer/songwriter.

'Gravity' - Sara Bareilles - Printed Sheet Music Instant Digital Download

Instructions for Downloading the Sheet Music of 'Gravity' by Sara Bareilles

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'Gravity' - Sara Bareilles - Printed Sheet Music Instant Digital Download

The Meaning of the song 'Gravity'

'Gravity' can be taken on different levels. Because of the songs metaphorical title we're never quite sure who or what causes the 'Gravity'. From a relationship point of view there seems to be an addiction involved. The singer is attracted back to a relationship she doesn't seem to want anymore (maybe for want of being hurt again) yet the pull is too strong. A relationship that's bad but you can't leave.

'Set me free, let me be, I don't want to fall another moment into your Gravity'.

Sara Bareilles 'Gravity' in a movie:

Gravity has appeared in the movie 'Loving Annabelle'. This is about the relationship between two girls. They are attracted strongly to each other but from the singers point of view it seems wrong to pursue the relationship.
Have a listen - What do you think?

I love this performance from Sara Bareilles - this is 'Gravity' taken from the TV series 'Live At Abbey Road'. Abbey Road is the London recording studio made famous by the Beatles.

Sara Bareilles also does a short interview at the start of the video before her stunning performance of 'Gravity". Sara Bareilles gives her views on the music business and how she fits into it. Excellent!

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